AE Essential Oils

Essential oils: 100% natural plant extracts

Essential oils are the essence of a single plant species, distilled into an oil that retains the natural scents or flavors of that plant. Each essential plant oil contains many naturally-occurring chemicals that reflect the plant’s distinctive characteristics and therapeutic benefits. Not every plant produces oil, and where that oil is produced varies from plant to plant, be it in the root, stem, leaves, bark, fruits or even sap.

The scent from an essential oil is produced when aromatic compounds within the oil react with air. These create those distinctive aromas we can distinguish and recognize, such as lavender, lemon, bergamot and frankincense. That’s why you get a ‘rush’ of smell when you open a bottle of essential oil, (and why you should keep the bottle firmly sealed between uses).

An oil – but not oily!

Essential oils are so called because they contain oil-soluble compounds found in the plant. There may be as many as 200 different natural chemicals in any single plant essential oil, which is why they have such wide therapeutic uses.

Essential oils and carrier oils

Many essential oils are highly concentrated, so should only be used when diluted to a safe level using a carrier oil. This simply means adding a drop or two of essential oils to another oil such as almond or jojoba, to create a blend that can be applied, diffused or inhaled without risk of over-exposure. It also ensures your essential oils last longer too!

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