Dr. Henri Rosenblum D.C. earned his Bachelor’s degree from State University College at Oneonta, NY in 1982 and is a 1988 honors graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa.

Practicing first as an associate doctor in both NYC and Rockland County, he entered private practice in 1989 by opening We Care Chiropractic on East 29th Street in New York City. Two years later, Dr. Henri moved his practice to a larger space, opening Central Chiropractic at the corner of 42nd Street and Madison Avenue across from Grand Central Station also in NYC.

After nearly 10 years of practice, Dr. Henri took time off to enjoy a 2 year around the world tour, including 3 months in Australia where he studied the little known body/mind art of Yantra Yoga. He also spent 2 months visiting temples and studying hands on healing with indigenous Shaman, Gurus and Healers while visiting numerous islands of Indonesia and Thailand. During this time he also wrote a screenplay, “Flies in the Vaseline” and his first novel, “Fall Without Jerry.”

Beginning in 2000, Dr. Henri taught Clinical Sciences for two years to future Doctors at Life University in Marietta, Georgia.

Upon returning to New York he worked for the brilliant Dr. Christopher Kent and the amazing Dr. Pat Gentempo, joining their team at Chiropractic Leadership Alliance and the Creating Wellness Alliance.

In 2006 with 3 children in school and with a burning desire to practice again Dr. Henri started Power On Chiropractic and Nutrition, a simple home office in the Three Village community where he also coached youth soccer and baseball.

Now in 2019 Dr. Henri sees patients at North Shore Family Chiropractic in Port Jefferson NY. Along with practicing Chiropractic for over 30 years, he also offers Cranial Facial Release and offers Nutritional Counseling. He offers these same services doing house calls as scheduling allows and also at local corporations. As a representative affiliated with the United Nations NGO-DPI program he works to decrease maternal deaths during births in 3rd world countries, and also maintains an active schedule on the Board of Directors with Mission Life International where he returns to Haiti this summer 4 times to do mission work at the MLI orphanage. Along with Dr. Peter Morgan he is co-owner of Universita Mission Life International which brings Doctors of Chiropractic to learn while giving free care at Mama Baby Haiti.

Along with his passion to help all people and animals, Dr. Henri enjoys the beach, reading and writing, live music, and travel whenever he can squeeze it in. An active and enthusiastic lecturer who can speak on many topics Dr. Henri has spoken to businesses, groups, clubs, schools and organizations. If you want him to speak at your group, invite him.

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